“Awaken the woman Within” Confidence Coaching

♥ ‘Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens’

As a Self Discovery/Life and Soul Coach, I work with women who are committed to making real positive change in their lives.

The one to one sessions are either by Skype or at my home in Durham, England and they are specifically designed for women who are on a journey of self discovery, who want to rediscover their authentic self and remain true to it at all times with a deep connection to their souls.

I give you the tools to gain clarity on who you are and what you want, the confidence to awaken to your true potential as a unique woman and the courage to be YOU. The true essence of you, happy, alive, peaceful passionate and loving life. The coaching is powerful and life transforming.

I have trained and qualified in Confidence Coaching with the Hayhouse author and spiritual Life Coach Dawn Breslin, and studied NLP and Life Coaching.

Using techniques I have learnt and trained in and my own experiences of discovering my true authentic self and confidently and courageously following my dreams, I can help you create a confident, balanced, meaningful life with a deep connection to self and a strong belief in YOU and your dreams with a little magic from the universe too.

(More about my journey on this link – About Sarah)

Coaching Session Options ♥

CLARITY to Find the Woman Within

In just 2 x I hour sessions you will have rediscovered who you truly are if you are feeling lost and stuck. Using powerful techniques, we will re-connect you back to the woman underneath all those layers of protection that you might have built up over time. – £110 for the CLARITY option

CONFIDENCE to Love the Woman Within

In just  2 x 1hour sessions, you will have developed confidence to take back control of your life, letting go of ‘perceived mistakes’ and disappointments, understand and know how to set clear boundaries with everyone in your life and stop the people pleasing. You will be so aware of the power of thoughts and how to master your mindset. – £110 for the Confidence Option

COURAGE to BE the Woman Within

In just 2 x 1 hour sessions, we will create a real vision for your future. You will learn how to overcome procrastination and fears and how to stay motivated and committed with the right energy to your dreams. You will understand the magic of creating a real work/life balance and learn to trust the universe and connect with our higher self by following our intuition.  £110 for the Courage option.

Alternatively, invest in all six session for £300 or one powerful session at a time at the price of £55 for a powerful soul centered, nurturing yet transformative coaching session.

Within just six heart centered high impact sessions, your self esteem will be high and you will have the confidence to deal with challenges in life and also face fears you might have too. You will be developing real clarity, courage and confidence to pursue your dreams. Its not about fixing or changing you, its about peeling the layers and stories back that hold your true beautiful nature from coming forward.

Once we work through fears, insecurities, doubts and hurt than can hold us back from living our best life, the magic begins to happen. Your investment to change your life will help you:

  • ♥ Build unshakable confidence and self esteem and not worry about what anyone else thinks of you
  • ♥ Learn how to love and respect yourself and stay true to you.
  • ♥ Discover your true authentic self
  • ♥ Learn golden rules that will keep you centered and happy every day
  • ♥ Create a work/life balance that brings happiness, peace and harmony to your life
  • ♥ Become aware of the power of your thoughts and identify ways to stop negative feelings
  • ♥ Change limiting beliefs and subconscious and conscious fears and doubts to complete confidence in yourself and real courage
  • ♥ Let go of the past, forgive any hurt, heartbreak and move forward excitedly to the future
  • ♥ Tune into your intuition which will help you make the right choices for YOU
  • ♥ Learn how to feel deep gratitude which magically changes everything
  • ♥ Learn how to create boundaries and stop people pleasing
  • ♥ Begin to stop feeling overwhelmed with life and the uncertainty of the future
  • ♥ Feel motivated, be able to start facing fears and step into the unknown.
  • ♥ Create a vision for your future and move towards creating and following your something more – your dreams
  • ♥ Feel connected to your higher self where you make decisions that are based on what is right for heart and soul and watch the magic happen as you develop real trust in yourself and the universe .
    Sessions are one to one at my home in Durham, North East, England or via Skype.
  • The Spiritual Life Coach and Hayhouse Author Dawn Breslin’s comments on mentoring and training me –

‘Sarah is amazing, its time for her to fly and share her gift with others. I completely trust in her genuine talent to help others and she is a complete natural’

Link to Testimonials page – Testimonials from everyday women

Begin to develop your self esteem and confidence to create the life you truly desire and follow those dreams

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  • If you have any questions please contact me at sarah@sarahseed.com or ring 07977 484767
  • ‘The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself’