‘Awaken the woman within’ Soul Coaching membership

♥ Clarity to FIND you, Confidence to LOVE you and the Courage to be you!

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Who is it for?

It’s for women on that journey of self discovery. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost your identity, this could be due a catalyst of big changes in your life or just having a intuitive knowing that you aren’t feeling as fulfilled and happy with yourself and life as you know you could.

Do you yearn to rediscover what makes you YOU and find your passion and zest for life again?

Do you struggle with people pleasing, setting boundaries?

Are you feeling overwhelmed at times, with doubts and fears and yearning for balance, inner peace, strength and resilience?

If this is how you are feeling, this is your place.

This coaching membership is for women who truly want to live their best life, women who want clarity on exactly who they are, want to connect deeply within and to develop the confidence to be completely true to their authentic selves and to have the courage to awaken into the beautiful wise loving soul you are here to be.

The journey of self discovery is the most beautiful life changing journey you will take and I am passionate about guiding, supporting and empowering you during this process.

How does it work?

Over the course of twelve months starting from January 1st 2018, I will give you a step by step process which will change how you feel about yourself and your life forever. You will be given tools each week, one day at a time, one step at a time to change your mindset, to challenge your beliefs, to reprogram your mind, to create an exciting, happy, fulfilled balanced soul nurturing life.

When we feel stuck, lost, unhappy in life its often because we have lost a true sense of connection within and to our intuition.

Together via weekly emails and a closed safe supportive soul nurturing closed Facebook group you will connect with like minded souls who are on the same path of self discovery and personal development and then each week, piece by piece we will explore all aspects of awakening the woman via a series of a weekly video that will be emailed to you.

The first four months of the program will focus on ‘Clarity to find the woman within’, exploring self awareness, mindset, self acceptance, self care, challenging your beliefs, creating new ones and more.

Then, the focus will be on the ‘Confidence to love the woman within‘ exploring self respect, confidence building, setting boundaries, self love and deep connection within.

Finally the last four months will be ‘The Courage to BE the woman within’ learning how to stay in tune with our natural rhythms, deep nourishment, forgiving others and our self, facing fears and living from soul.

This is possibly the most thorough coaching process you will ever find and I am so confident that this will work if you commit to it and do the work, that I offer a money back guarantee after the year if it hasn’t changed you and your life. It is designed specifically for women with all our emotions, wishes and deepest desires at the core of its development. Its designed to give you peace, harmony, clarity, balance, confidence, soul connection and courage to awaken the woman within you.

The membership is via a membership site and access to a special closed Facebook group.

It includes a clear weekly email assignment by video focusing on one subject at a time,  monthly live question and answer within the Facebook group, journal prompts and workbooks. All it will take is ten or fifteen minutes of your time each day or choose to take one hour each week out of your life to develop your clarity, confidence and courage in YOU. Just ten minutes alone each day, adds up to a week and a half of complete personal development. Can you imagine what a change it could make in your life if you spent a whole week and half without any distractions on your own personal development with the support of a good coach?

Can you imagine having your own personal mentor and coach for a whole year and connection to others to feel like you are part of a heart centered community?

How much does this cost?

Think of this as similar to a gym membership where you are committed to making a difference to you. For the cost of a lunch time meal for two every month, you will have the online support each and every day for a whole year to change your life.

For just £25 a month, you will have full access to a soul-nourishing coaching membership which will change your life forever. Instead of investing on external results, if you invest on changing your mindset, your beliefs, your feelings, your investment lasts forever.

An upgraded option of £50 per month is available. This includes a 45 minute personal, 1-2-1 Skype coaching call every month.

Just reflect for one minute – Will you be happy with you and your life one year from now if nothing changes?

Also, how could your life look like and yourself this time next year if you committed to take a chance to make a change?

What do I do to join?

If this sound like something you would love, please register your interest and you will be the first to be notified when we are launching it!

A new year – 2018 and a new rediscovered authentic YOU.

Sign up now Payment will be on a recurring monthly basis for a full twelve months. Please note:  The money back guarantee is subject to your commitment to show up within the closed safe group and make the little steps each day to do the work. If there has been no input or real commitment to the process, money can not be refunded at a later date.

Does this work?

Yes! I have been through this journey of self discovery myself where I have healed, awakened, gained clarity, confidence and courage and truly feel I have awakened to my full potential. My life is unrecognisable to how it used to feel and I love my life with a passion despite so many challenges I have had over the years. Click here for more details on my journey

I have coached over hundred women via the soul nurturing retreats and one to one sessions I offer which has changed their lives. This coaching membership is the most thorough process you will go through. Click on this link to read some of the testimonials from the women who have been through this beautiful process of self discovery and personal development.

I was introduced to Sarah in 2015 when I heard her talk about the coaching courses she does to help women find their true self that is hidden deep under layers due to the way they have been treated and the negativity about themselves that they have been bombarded with by others.As an addict just starting my recovery, I knew that I wanted to find out just who and what was actually all hidden away but, was slightly nervous about what I might find?
This summer, Sarah offered to coach on line and it did not take much thinking about to sign up and we began in September.
Sarah is a very gentle understanding soul and is taking us gently through the course using self confidence, gratitude, learning to love ourselves and the necessity of self care.
We all love the daily messages and with all the help she offers, it is like being wrapped in a warm snuggle blanket of care and learning.
I can certainly recommend working with Sarah, she offers so much – Jane


‘I met Sarah on a one day Self-Confidence course which was a great introduction to the in-depth online coaching. To say I was in a dark place is an understatement. I knew I needed help but I wasn’t sure where to go. The one day retreat made me aware that there where solutions out there but I needed guidance and support which I couldn’t get through friends and family. I also realised there was no quick fix. I am 3 months in on the online coaching and Slowly, but surely my outlook on life is starting to change thanks to the daily and weekly support I get from Sarah. With persistance, and Sarah’s calm, insightful guidance the future I deserve will be mine. – Jacqui


I was in a tired, disrespectful, at times abusive relationship. I wanted out. But no amount of motivational quotes alone made me brave enough. I didn’t know how to end it. Until by chance I heard Sarah give a little presentation. I covered my emotions that day listening to her by telling everyone I had really bad hayfever. My eyes kept leaking! Working with Sarah gave me the inner strength to say enough is enough. I matter now. It wasn’t easy, nor did it happen overnight, but it happened. Really, this is true life. It happened. And this isn’t just about saying she can help with relationships, because really, what she’s changed is me.
So anyone waivering or wondering if it’s worth a punt – go for it! Sarah’s online soul coaching meant I started this year full of excitement not dread. It means I value the family times we share, but I also relish my time alone. I take care of me, because I deserve to be taken care of.
I am grateful everyday for that meeting!
Do it! Do it now….


I’ve found the support within the coaching group and guidance from Sarah really encouraging and the whole process has helped me channel my energy to the most important areas of my life. A key lesson for me has been to focus on the solution not the problem and I feel less weighed down by day to day struggles as a result. Excited to see where the next chapter of this soul searching journey takes me! – Judith


Since beginning the online awaken the woman within coaching programme with Sarah in September, I have been on an emotional journey. I find my mindset changing as I develop more courage and confidence in life to become the true me. I am not there yet but am well on the way, and with the continued encouragement and support from Sarah I know I can achieve my full potential. This has made a huge difference to my life. Intending my day and developing daily habits, gratitude and self care rituals are making me a calmer, more focused person and allowing joy and happiness to come back in to my life’ – Joanne